My Favorite Landscape or Cityscape

 Welcome to the second Bruce on Art  Student Show! We are so very proud of all of our students and their achievements, and in this show we have the chance to hear, in their own voices, the progress they recognize in themselves. Thank you for joining us in celebrating their work, in the challenging arena of landscape painting.



by Gillian Muir

This lesson taught me that with very little detail and the art of glazing, I was able to achieve exceptional results.

"Desert Moon"

by Marybeth Johnson

I love the mood of this painting...the beautiful desert and mountains here in Arizona.

"Desert in Moonlight"

by Diana Wise

I learned so much from the feedback given by Bruce regarding color harmony and atmosphere harmony. 

"Sonoran Spring"

by Terri Pate

This painting reminds me of the landscape and mountains near Wickenburg, Arizona, in the spring.

"Mountain Meadow"

by Muriel Angelil

This was my favorite landscape lesson... I was able to follow the instructions and improvise a little.

"Magical Meadows"

by Bill Veith

The energy of color awakened for me in this painting, and so the experience was quite magical.

"Monet's Waterlilies"

by Barbara Huber

I eventually captured the distance moving from front of the painting back and the reflection in the water.


by Simone Geck

I learned how to be loose and free in creating an under-painting.

"City Night Reflections"

by Rona Foster

I never thought I’d paint a street scene. When I learned how to use a scraper and palette knife, I was hooked. I had an absolutely wonderful time painting this…then I sold it and got my first commission for another!

"City of Light"

by Leslie Dunn

This so far is my favorite. It was a true test for me in perspective and size. Biggest one I've done so far, at 24 x 36.

"By the Sea"

by Nita Marzorati

LOVE because it's restful; a place I would love to go for a peaceful afternoon.

"City of Light"

by Billie Ryan

The Eiffel Tower showed me that I can paint a soft monochromatic painting and be drawn into it.


by Marlene Hehr

This was a challenge because Bruce painted square. The changes I made made it my own. Proud of this one. Made the wall.

"Water Lilies"

by Judy Rookstool

This has a sense of perspective, depth and playful color, and I finally understood the water ripples.  It was fun to do.

"In the Tuscan Shade"

by Anne Nordstrom

I love the lights and darks and the abstract shapes created by the palette knife. Working quickly in layers creates energy and impact.


"Hard Rock Cafe"

by Jan Fellers

This was one of my favorites because I love to paint street scenes, AND I sold it!

"Winter Barn"

by Clare Karr

The barn lesson included many ‘firsts’ which challenged me and led to artistic growth and increased confidence.

"Mountain Meadow"

by Sue Borrelli

Although very challenging, this peaceful scene inspired me to incorporate elements that make up so many of my favorite parts of nature.

"Desert Moon"

by Kathie Neffenger

Painting this scene of the desert showed  me a  gentleness & soft-ness that the bright hot sun masks but the moon light enhances.

"Cathedral Rock"

by Lynda Cheeley

I was inspired by your Sedona painting. I always wanted to paint Cathedral Rock, so I decided to try a triptych for the first time.

"Aspen Shimmer"

by Sherry Garrioch

Aspen Shimmer proved the saying, “we can fix that!”


by Michele Chunko

This was my favorite landscape lesson because of the color palette. Also, I was prepared to do palette knife when in fact a lesson was with brushes but in a loose flowing’s style.


by PJ Boka

By putting on the Bruce on Art persona I talked myself through changing the trees in the background to rocks. I ask myself now, ”What would Bruce do?“

"Cliffside Waves"

by Maggie Tippetts

Painting a sea scape gives me joy beyond measure. I love the beach! Toes in the sand, the sound of the waves, the ocean breeze and the smell of the ocean air are some of my most favorite experiences!


by Cathy Libra

This lesson was most meaningful to me because for the first time, it caught my breath about halfway through.  I finally grasped the concept of layer upon layer and to relax and easily make changes if needed.


"Desert Moon"

by Les Clark

Like the way Bruce teaches us to look at & paint shapes and light.