Landscape and Cityscape Courses

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Landscapes & Cityscapes


"Old World Charm"

Learn to paint this charming European street scene with old stone walls and a cobbled street.

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"Ocean Sunset"

Learn to paint this beautiful ocean sunset with golden light shimmering across the waves.

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Paint this beautiful evening sky as it reflects across a still lake with a distant campfire.

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"By the Sea"

Learn to paint this stunning cliffside coastal scene where you can almost hear the waves crashing.

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"Misty Meadow"

Learn the secrets to painting gorgeous glowing light in this poetic mist-shrouded meadow scene.

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"Hard Rock Cafe"

Paint this rainy vibrant street scene with the reflected lights of the city and the glow of neon.

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Paint this serene river that’s layered with flowering plants & towering trees, capped by a beautiful blue sky.

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"City of Light" 

Capture this dreamy Eiffel Tower landscape an learn the secrets of atmospheric perspective. 

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Capture the majesty of this waterfall crashing down a mountainside using palette knife and glazing techniques.

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